Mindful Monday: Your Morning Brew

Coffee or tea? Which is your morning brew?  

Mine is coffee. Nothing against a cuppa tea- but this girl prefers a nice strong cup to start her day. And, my morning brew is one of those places where I walk my talk. It’s my daily moment to gather my thoughts and my plan for the day ~ mindful of the energy the ingredients bring to the party.


Coffee. Yes, of course your humble am jolt of caffeine brings energy! But if you think that energy stops at the caffeine content you’re missing out. Coffee has long been prized for its ability to disperse negative thoughts, aid overcoming internal blockages while providing peace of mind and grounding. So, you want to know how to rev that up some?

Add some cinnamon. I personally just sprinkle some into the coffee grounds before setting the pot to brew. It adds a sweet, spicy smell and brings some energy for protection, luck and success. Sit back and enjoy that nice morning coffee smell while you take a few deep breaths, get your blood flowing or as I do – take a nice quiet moment to collect your thoughts.

Once the coffee is brewed just pour into your preferred vessel, dress it up as you wish and enjoy. I, myself, have a collection of mugs and add a splash of cream. While enjoying my brew, I contemplate affirmations and review my bullet journal. It’s a simple, effective and a fun way to begin a day. 

Write here...

Mindful Monday: Pumpkins Power

Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins!

Pumpkins are said to bring protection, luck and prosperity. Carve faces and place them on your doorstep to prevent wandering spirits from entering your home. Eat pumpkin seeds to increase prosperity and fertility.


FullSizeRender 43.jpg

Want to ramp up the power of the pumpkin? Add ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg to increase your work toward success, abundance and bringing projects to fruition. Need to remove negativity from your life? Pumpkins are a key ingredient in banishing work. 

Perhaps the best part? Pumpkins are ubiquitous with Autumn. From jack o' lanterns at Halloween to the star of the dessert table on Thanksgiving you can seamlessly weave them into your holiday to grant a pleasant, joyful gathering. Join our Holiday Drama workshop at 7pm on Nov. 15th to learn more about how you can use this Autumn staple to ramp up the protection, love, luck, courage and success!

It's Still a Thrill

Call me a geek. Or a nerd. The thrill is still there. And, when I see an article I've written published I'm both a geek and a nerd because the thrill is huge. I mean, I even call my mom. 

One of the most personal essays I've ever written and shared is in the October issue of Inner Realm Magazine (page 32). I'm thrilled and a little nervous. I mean, I'm laying my soul bare and offering the truth: this entrepreneur life isn't for the faint of heart. It's messy and nerve-wracking and when it all comes together super sweet. 

Back in August I had a wake up call that brought forth the need of a new plan. And, I decided to share the nuts and bolts of the plan in my Moon Tide workshop. You give me two hours on October 28th and I'll give you the master blueprint to manifesting the life you only dare to dream. I will teach you how to harmonize with La Luna and Il Mare. Too often we work opposed to natural forces which surround us, but, when we surrender, when we trust and when we work with the manifestation is truly a joy. A fluid dance - so like the tides - powerful, rhythmic, seductive and - reliable. 


To join me on October 28th please email tarot_pixie@yahoo.com. Cost of the workshop is $45 pre-paid (you save $10) or hold your space with a $15 deposit ($40 due at class).  

Thankful Thursday: Manifesto

In 2010 I, like many of my colleagues was struggling, mightily. No one on our team (or our counter part team) was even remotely fulfilled. The team leader in the UK sent what I later learned what the Holster Manifesto around by email.

I was captivated by the first line: "This is your LIFE. Do what you love and do it often." I fiddled with the format so it fit on letter sized paper and hit print. 

I hung it opposite my desk - funny thing, no one else could see it, unless they were in my chair. I should have stayed late that night, in those days we were all 'fighting' for our jobs. If you weren't staying late and arriving early (preferably both) you were seen as a blight. I learned to hate the phrase "re-orginization" or "re-org" as we called in in short order. It was brutal. I left as close to on time as I ever did that night.  

I thought about that phrase "do what you love and do it often" while I was at the gym, running in place on a treadmill. I thought about it on the forty minute train ride home. I thought about it in the shower, while I fed the chinchillas and finally when I sat down to revamp my resume. 

My Life. 

The third line of the Holster Manifesto is "IF YOU DON'T LIKE YOUR JOB, QUIT." I revised my resume that night and began job hunting in earnest. Within a week I was looking into what it would take to become a coach (and to hire a coach of my own). I was on my way. I wasn't entirely sure where I was headed but I knew I was in the right direction. 

Sitting behind that desk, reading the manifesto over and over and over was a unique comfort ~ I was touched by the words and took them to heart. I don't know if I'd say the manifesto was magic ~ but ~ there was times reading it inspired the actions that led to things which were, magical. Like the night in October when I kept rationalizing bailing on a blind date. I sat at my desk, email open, ready to cancel when this kernel of wisdom caught my eye: "Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them so go out and start creating." 

Just a bit more than two years later I left that office to begin my maternity leave. The dreaded 're-org' still loomed large. I knew I was never coming back, so I took the manifesto and tucked it under my friend's keyboard. She had noticed it a few times, and always chuckled reading it. 

Next week I'll blow out birthday candles ~ a year from now I'll blow out milestone birthday candles.  I'm feeling the urge to create again. The urge to move, to dance to shift. To celebrate I ordered a new copy of the manifesto ~ even though I know every word ~ to hang in my new office. My partner is a wicked cool guy I met on a blind date one night in October...

*This post is in no way, shape or form sponsored. If you want your own copy of the Holster Manifesto you can find it here. 

Thankful Thursday: Manners Matter

Continuing with my manifestation journey, I was moved this morning to share one of the big lessons I learned ~ and continue to see the value of ~ manners. 

Often when we are in need of something we are antsy and perhaps even a bit anxious. We might feel unsettled, nervous, downright scared. When we are caught up in these absolutely valid human emotions we can be demanding and impatient. 

So, we've all been there and done that, right? Right? Not just me, right? Maybe one day I'll host a whine and cheese night and we can compare t-shirt collections. 

I can clearly remember one day eight summers ago when I called out sick, packed up and went to the beach, solo. I was sad and defeated - nothing in my life was going right - and no prayers were being answered. At first, I prayed harder. I said more affirmations. I waited ten minutes and nothing changed  so I asked and prayed and affirmed again. This cycle was going on for weeks and I kept saying 'this time with more feeling!' Expect it wasn't feeling, really. I was throwing tantrums on a near daily basis and I'm telling you it wasn't pretty. 

So, I packed up headed north to the beach. Nope, didn't go south to the family beach house ~ I answered my Soul's call for solitude and the sea. At some polnt a thought crossed my mind. Whining, demanding and tantrums typically don't get toddlers what they want and they sure as heck don't get adults what they want either. So, I sat with my thoughts and really checked in with what I wanted. At that moment, I was exhausted and thirsty. This is making me laugh because I remember it so clearly, I was hot and thirsty and an iced latte just sounded divine. So, I packed up, walked to my car and as I passed an ice cream truck I noticed the 'ice cold water' sign. I passed over my dollar and guzzled a Poland Spring. I said a silent thank you since I was no longer dying of thirst and bought a second bottle for the road. On a whim, I decided to call my favorite local B&B: why go home? No one and nothing was there? Against all logic they had a room and I drove over wondering out loud if my Guides or Guardian Angels might be around and if they were, would they help me out of the awful mess I was in? BIG awful mess and as I parked I asked for a 'sign' if there was still anyone listening ~ "just a small sign, please?" 

While I was checking in and chatting with the gal at the front desk another gal popped round the corner from the sitting room and said "we just got a new espresso machine ~ would you like to try a latte? Or a cappuccino?" I just stood there mute like she'd hit me with a brick and to this day, I feel oddly sad and wonderful about what happened next. She sort of stammered that she was just learning to use this new machine and I'm there hot and sweaty in beat up flip fops trying not to cry and nodding my head and she muttered "... how about Iced you look hot?..." Yeah, Iced Latte (free and far more tasty than I'd built it up in my imagination) and thankfully I was in a town where people talk to their Guardian Angels and ask for signs.  When, I finally could speak both of those Earth Angels were just as happy as I that I had I'd gotten my sign. 

What changed? What brought it about? ME. I remembered to say "please and thank you" just like my Momma taught me. Try it the next time you're praying or manifesting or wishing on a falling star. Please. Thank you. It adds a boost of power and joy to the process. 


Mindful Monday: Archetypes, Buzzwords and Being Outside My Comfort Zone

Empower. Self-Care. Momma Bear. Diva. Warrior. Authentic. Balance. Hustle. Pop. Deep Dive. Princess. Forward thinking. Engaged. Sorry not Sorry. Triggered. Own it. Epic. 

Do a quick search on your topic and I'm pretty sure you'll come across at least two (or ten) of those phrases. What do they all have in common, besides overuse and grammatical error? They are the modern call to Archetypes. 

Yes, Archetypes. The symbols of literature, art and myth which offer insightful touchstones for reflection and growth. They key to our unconsciously forged patterns ~ understand your Archetypes and You can begin to affect deep and lasting change. The type of profound changes you've doubtlessly been promised if you get in touch with your Inner Diva, Empower her and take her on a Deep Dive quest to learn your Authentic Truth.

See what I mean about buzzwords? You lost a little bit of interest as you read that last sentence, didn't you? Don't fret - I lost interest while I was composing it. 

Here is My Truth, I practice what I preach. My first step in putting together a workshop is to review old journals and remember what I did the last time I was in a predicament. The circumstances are similar but I'm not exactly the same person I was at that time, so I review and renew crafting what works for the me I am right now. 

Through trial, error and copious note taking I work out the kinks and remaster the content. I revise, renew and refresh. Sometimes, I even call a friend and ask if they are willing to beta test a new version. 

What I have never done before is share my journey. This time around I have decided to share the process, in this space, through weekly updates. I am in the process of rebranding my business and growing into my role as MomPreneur. It's a tough gig and every day I talk to more and more Woman who are in similar space. Carving out a career while jugging the demands of hearth and home. Woman who are enslaved by the corportate overlord and want to shift focusto bring more passion into their personal and professional lifes. So, where ever you are on your journey, I hope that this leap (and it’s a HUGE leap) outside my comfort zone is helpful guide.

Blessings & Peace







This is what I DO know

I consider myself an expert of very little (maybe tarot) and a student of everything. This isn't a hardship; I LIKE to study. Always have... I'm a deep dive kind of person, if it holds my interest I must know everything. I read and research obsessively, which causes other people to consider me an 'expert' even when I don't feel like one. 

Now, that first paragraph is me building up to saying I'm just as confused about what's going on in the world as the rest of you. Seriously. WTF is going on? Now, please don't confuse that statement with thinking I'm Anti-Trump or Pro-Hillary or Pro-Trump or Anti-Hillary. I'm not. Nor do I wish for this post to focus on Presidential Politics. I don't. There are plenty of personal spaces where folks are writing about that topic. Go read their posts and click away. 

This is a personal essay. On my personal website. So, in the immortal words of the Finding Nemo Seagulls this is "Mine!Mine!Mine!Mine!Mine!Mine!Mine!Mine!Mine!Mine!Mine!."

And what's mine to share is this. Today is Wednesday, February 22, put another way today is 2.22. I already admitted I consider myself to be an expert in tarot so I'm sure you'll hang with me when I tell you the symbolism of the number 2: service and duty, diplomacy, balance, harmony, cooperation, consideration. So just for today - and let's face it - today is all any of us has anyway let's live those ideals. 

Let's live in service to our fellow man. Let's cooperate with each other. Let's be nice regardless of race, creed or how someone smells. Not sure how to do that? Here's a start: try holding the door open for the person behind you, smile at them. If someone holds a door open for you - say 'thank you.' Say 'please' when you're ordering coffee or lunch or grown up drinks after work.

I'm not joking.  I'm not being trite and anyone whose been in my company for more than 3 minutes knows I'm not a Pollyanna Sunshine. 

I'm a mostly ordinary woman. I'm a humble law abiding person who believes deeply in personal responsibility and accountability. I've picked myself up and dusted me off more times than I can count. Just me and my bootstraps. I'm not bitter for that, I'm grateful. know why? Because I know I know how and when you do for you - you hold the secret of the universe. 

I'm an honest lady so I'll say it's not always easy. It's not always fun. It is always worthwhile. It is always rewarding. It is immeasurably liberating. So... do it. 

Start small. Start with yourself and stop the gross displays of apathy and lack, bitterness and hate. Today when you're scrolling through posts on FB or Insta or Snap... check the urge to leave a bitchy comment. Better yet, log off your social accounts and be social in real life. Stop debating who won the election, stop complaining, stop whining, stop analyzing where the stars are.

Just. Stop. Breathe. 

Live well. Live happy. Live possibly. Do a kind deed. Count your blessings. Be thankful for what you have instead of coveting your neighbor's goods. Hang up the phone when you're on the checkout line instead of treating the cashier like an invisible minion present to do your bidding. 

It will make a difference. A big difference to you and to everyone you meet, even when you don't think it matters to them. Those actions will ripple out and impact more people than you can imagine - and it's a concrete, actual, factual good deed. 

Be nice. Do your best. Always.