Small Things Done v Big Things Planned

A wise person once said “Small things done are better than big things planned…” or something to that effect. I do love a good quote and if you follow me on facebook you know I post quotes, often. Which means I collect a lot of quotes and can’t always remember them verbatim or put my finger on where I read them.

If you said this, I bow to you.

I’ve been in full planning mode, playing full-out and my thought had been to update in this space once I was ready to announce. Let’s face it a big announcement is always fun. It’s grand. It’s exciting. It’s wonderful. It’s also been derailed.

I’ve had a health scare / set back / challenge and since I struggle with being an introvert in extrovert’s clothing (or am I an extrovert in introvert’s clothing?) I’m not entirely ready to share the details here.

What I am ready to share is this simple realization.

The small steps are worthwhile. The small steps are noble. The small steps are Divine and will help get you from where you are to where you want to be every single time.

Currently, my small steps include the daily to-do’s aimed at revamping two websites ( and I am creating beautiful hand mounted note cards, building inventory and devising a way to get them in your hands more easily (more on this soon) and taking care of my health.

Here’s a note to all of you Mom’s out there. I know it seems impossible to take care of yourself. It’s hard to get a sitter. It’s hard to leave the house when the small ones are crying and clutching your leg. It’s all tough. It hurts your heart to listen to the cries. I know. Know what else I now know? It is 1,000,000 times harder to be out of commission because you let something small slide and now it’s a big something. It’s excruciating to call people you love in the middle of the night to ask them to come babysit because you’re in the hospital and your husband can’t leave without a sitter in the house. When the bottom is dropping out of your world and the tailspin is making a category 5 hurricane look tame you’ll really wish you’d paid a sitter to go to a doctor’s office.

Please listen when I say you’re worth it. You’re family’s worth it. It’s a small step toward ease in the long run.

Be well friends.