Remember when November meant Thanksgiving and Christmas was in December?

Alternate titles for this post I considered:

  • What's the rush?
  • Is there a Turkey coalition brainwashing us to skip Thanksgiving?
  • Red cups are back - this early?

Thanksgiving. I love it.

I love baking pies. I find the phone calls planning who will bring what to dinner fun. I love the Macy's Parade. I love watching the balloons get inflated the night before the parade and when I worked in a building near Herald Square it was pure magic to come to work the Monday before Thanksgiving and find the street in front of Macy's painted for the parade.

I love the month of November with the in between weather that forces you to check a forecast before you leave the house. The bright clear blue skies, the tang of wood burning fireplaces smelling up the neighborhood and the deafening crunch of fallen leaves underfoot during an early morning run.

I love the natural pause that Thanksgiving prep brings as it sort makes you slow down and spend time with your family with no expectations beside sharing a meal. If your household is like ours - you have some Thanksgiving day football rivalries adding to the banter between brothers. It's a time to count your blessings. It's a time to visit family. It's a time to enjoy.

Last night while preparing dinner I realized we were down to our last banana. A quick inventory of our fridge also revealed we were low on apples, raspberries and carrots. My child has been impersonating a fruit bat the past few weeks so these low levels of vital supplies simply wouldn't do. It had been a bit over a week since I'd been out of the house and I was actually looking forward to a solo run to the grocery store. I drove ten minutes to a store located at one end of a very pretty shopping plaza. I was shocked to see Christmas lights on every lamp-post, garlands with oversized red and gold ornaments hung and a large holiday house standing in the middle of the area. Mind, this wasn't a case of decorating while the weather is still relatively mild - the decoration were lit, and stores where doing their windows... for Christmas.

Friends, I'm confused. And suddenly understand what my clients mean when they talk about how hard it is to live according to their own ideals when the outside world is so dramatically at odds with them. I want to scream "WHAT? Tuesday was Election Day - unplug the lights!"

Maybe being a coach is just making me more aware, but it seems like not a day goes by when an article doesn't land in my news feed promising to help me 'live in the moment.' Bloggers talk about simplifying and social media outlets are over run with pithy quotes and meme's about 'living in the moment' 'quality time' 'savoring experiences'. Yet, every year Christmas arrives earlier and earlier. I don't know about anyone else but at this rate I'll be done with eggnog lattes and pine candles by mid-december.

Why are we in such a rush? Why do we shop Thanksgiving night? Is it because we can? Are we so busy that we have to get 'a jump' on everything. Are we incapable of slowing down and using the collective power of our purses to send a message to the big marketing machines... slow it down and let Thanksgiving have its moment?

Please, let Thanksgiving have it's moment.