Thankful Thursday: Clear My Schedule

Weeks ago in the midst of yet another Hudson Valley blizzard I promised Sinatra that on the first day temperatures went over 53 degrees I would take the day off and we’d go to the zoo.  Yesterday was that day. The forecast was calling for clear skies and 59 degrees so with great flourish I announced “Clear My Schedule” a la Ari Gold (oh c’mon admit it, you loved Entourage) and packed lunch.

The zoo was a sodden mess (why do all children delight in standing ankle-deep in muddy puddles?) in the very best way. The mercury actually soared to a warm and wonderful 61 degrees. We had our first carousel ride of the season – thrice – spring fever hit the folks manning the carousel and with plenty of open spaces they let riders stay on as long as they wished.  We laughed at the sea lion antics during feeding, watched the brown bears play and wrestle, chased and were chased by the peacocks and, of course, visited the Komodo Dragon, Sinatra’s favorite animal at the zoo. I only used my phone to take photos and some video on the carousel. The rest of the time I was completely disconnected and focused on the tiny Board Chair.

I have been thinking, reading and contemplating my higher purpose since I began Life Coach training. Most specifically because it feels so much deeper than a mere job, or even a career and therefore begs such contemplation. I truly feel called to serve those who cross my path: be it in a workshop, a discovery session or as full-fledged client. Moreover, I am aware that in these early days of launching a business ‘the business’ can be (and is) all-consuming.

So, what does that leave for my family? I absolutely do not want my husband or my child to feel like they are getting a cut-rate version of me. A worn to the nub wife and mother who sleepwalks through the hours bestowed upon them in an effort to conserve for work. This path is so very amazing – and – I want to be sure that amazing translates into what it was originally meant to be: a career that allows me to craft my schedule to be present with and for my family during the big and small moments. I want to teach by example and yesterday’s example was you’re more important than any call that might happen right now. You mean more to me than any text, email or facebook status update.

Yes, there were (are) trade-offs. I was up until 1am last night catching up on those emails, texts and the draft that was due, today. That was the result of the choice I made and I stand by it. You see,  that is just one of the things I LOVE about being a coach – the freedom and flexibility to serve not only my clients but my family.  This is what makes things work in our world and keeps me aligned with the core values of family, integrity and fun.