Remember when you were a kid and your Mom taught you about manners? About how you should say please and thank you? How you should be kind to people and speak in a pleasant tone?

Well, this Mother’s Day let’s consider Mom’s words of wisdom and follow them in her honor. This is not the Mother’s Day post I had planned. Instead I offer you an option when life tosses lemons at you. Stop and think WWMD? What Would Mom Do?

When possible I try to shop at local stores as opposed to ordering online. It keeps more money in the local economy, helps our Main Streets thrive and as a small business owner myself I like this way of paying forward. So, in keeping with this mindset I called a florist located in the town the person I wanted to send flowers lives. This is most certainly something my Mom would do.

I can’t decide if the following interactions were funny or sickening.

I told the woman who answered the phone at the first florist I wanted to arrange a flower delivery for Tuesday, May 12th. She asked me why. I assumed she was asking that to help me determine what type/ style of flowers to send so I replied – “It’s my friend’s birthday.”

She hung up on me.

I was shocked and after a few moments decided that we that just got disconnected. I mean we had to have been accidentally disconnected. I wasn’t rude or shouting or doing anything to provoke being hung up on. So, I called back and when the same voice answered the phone I said “Hi, I think we were disconnected I was calling to send flowers..” Sales lady cuts me off saying “No, I hung up on you. I can’t think about flowers for Tuesday – call someplace else.”

Whoa. Stellar customer service there – I will certainly not be giving them any business ever again. Moreover if this is how she deals with the stress of a busy day, I don’t think she’ll be in business much longer.

My Mother didn’t raise me to be a door mat, so I brushed this off and hopped on Google to find another florist. The following conversation transpired:

Me: “Hi, I’d like to arrange a flower delivery.”

Florist: “We can’t guarantee a day or time of delivery this weekend and the minimum order is $50.”

Me: “No worries, I’d like these delivered on Tuesday”

Florist: “Why?”

Me: “It’s my friend’s birthday.”

Florist: “M’am Mother’s Day is Sunday.”

Me: “Yes, I know, but her birthday is Tuesday and since that’s what I’m sending the flowers to celebrate we’re fine.”

Florist: (with an exasperated tone) “We’re only taking orders for Mother’s Day.”

Me: “Really? Ok. When will you take orders for next week?”  Now, I’m not pleased with her tone of voice, nor am I thrilled about calling back, but, I’m thinking they must be slammed and want to get through the rush. I’d call back and put in my order. I remind myself this lady is probably very overworked and smile into the phone.

Florist: “UGH. Stupid People” and she hangs up.

I’m not, a Stupid Person, however I was just then an angry person. In fact, I was a very angry person. I made a cup of coffee and thought about posting hate filled reviews on Yelp. I composed brilliant rage filled missives about the levels of rudeness and how this is why local businesses are failing. I worked myself into a right state, but I didn’t post the reivews. Why? I couldn’t (and still can’t) see the point. As I sipped my coffee I began to consider how I could make this a worthwhile experience.

I’m sharing this here as a tribute to my Mother.


Because she taught me the value of good manners. She taught me not to borrow trouble. She taught me value of keeping my cool. She taught me the power of the purse. Her reaction to this story if I tell her about it will be something to the effect of “What a b!t@h. I hope you went some place else.” Then she’ll drop the subject and though she won’t speak of it again I can assure you she will never, ever use either florist. Should the subject ever come up she’ll politely suggest to everyone she knows that they not use either florist.

That’s the power of having a Mom who teaches by example. I know what she’ll say as sure as I’m sitting here typing and I’m hopeful that Sinatra pays attention to how I react to these events.

It’s a beautiful day and we have a lunch date with Sinatra’s Grandma. No sense in getting upset and ruining our day because of rude florists.

This year honor your Momma (and Momma’s everywhere): don’t borrow trouble and don’t let nasty people spoil your good mood. Say please. Say thank you and smile into the phone. Life’s too short to be anything but your best.