Moving Right Along

Moving Right Along is, perhaps, my Mom’s favorite catchphrase. She doesn’t say it so much anymore but when I was a teenager those three words let you know the discussion was over. And by over I mean… O.V.E.R period.end.of.story.

As I sat to type this blog entry I thought about explaining where I’ve been, why the long silence and pledging my love and commitment to this space. The truth is life happened and I was pulled away. Each day I was away I would note something that seemed blog worthy. Or, plan a radio show or workshop that was most definitely blog worthy… but alas, no bloggy.

I’m still feeling my way around what should be shared; where the boundaries are for my family and myself. So, forgive my long silence. It’s not that I don’t want to talk about the things that are going on – I do. I do wish to talk about them, but, I don’t live in a vacuum and some of these things are not my things to tell. So, I’m going to err to the side of private and keep them to myself.

Allow me to say, please that it is damn good to be back.

Now… let’s Move Right Along to some fun, exciting posts.