HAGRID. Yes, That Hagrid

My word for 2017 has found me. 

For a few days this week I thought my word was 'Yes.' A straightforward, honest reminder to be positive, patient, to dislodge my default to 'no.'  It felt a little forced, a little tight, but, no other word stepped into place. Until now. While sorting though photos late this afternoon I settled on a quote pinned to the board above my desk. 

What's comin' will come, an we'll meet it when it does. ~ Hagrid

Hagrid's famous quote in reply to Harry questioning the return of Voldemort. Hagrid, with his Yogi Berra-esq wit and wisdom; plain spoken, big hearted, ham handed... but always the best of intentions. Hagrid telling Harry live in this moment, live today... tomorrow, well, we will deal with tomorrow then... not now. 

It's an important reminder to me.

Be in this moment. Live this moment. Don't judge, don't fret. Deal with what you've got on hand now, not what you're imagining might come later. 


Welcome 2017.