Is there a quieter word for quiet?


Tuesday evening I attended a prayer service.

During her announcements on Sunday morning our Pastor mentioned the service in a manner that led me to consider it casual, laid back and free flowing. I’ve been wobbling lately. Stepping carefully, timidly side to side, just much more than I am used to. Nothing wrong with finding one’s way, but it’s tough to listen to the advice of the cosmos when you live in with wee ones.

Quiet reflection in the dimly lit, white washed chapel sounded both divine and Divine.

As is typical my Pastor did not disappoint.

As is also typical, neither did the cosmos.

The chatter is fun to listen to, today. The edges are smoother and softer. 

It's an easy thing to remember but a tough thing to practice. Self-care in all it's many forms is a vital, valid part of our routine. The more titles we pile on (wife, mother, sister, friend, grandma, class mom, librarian, life coach, marketing manager...) the harder to take a moment. We can feel like we are 'cheating' to check out and find those moments of sanity. Yet, that's what we need to do. Find our sanity - for our own sake - and the sake of those we love. 

This advice isn't new. It's not earth shattering. So, take this as your permission slip to give yourself a time out.