Thankful Thursday: Some Days You’ve Got to Look Hard


Been a while since we’ve visited. I wish I had been away because I was enjoying fun, sun and cocktails. I wish I could photo bomb sandy beaches, infinity pools, ocean vistas and exotic cocktails. Alas, I was home all this time. 

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–” ~ Lewis Carroll

The time has come.

I struggle with how much personal information to share here. Not so much for myself, I’m committed to be being ‘out there’ as a health, wealth & transformation coach. However, I feel a fierce need to protect my loves… and that always makes me think twice before posting. What I say in this space affects them. There is no getting around that – we live in an age where the internet and connections we make to people we have not yet – and may never – meet in ‘real life’ become friends. So, I’m cautious.

I am committed to being honest in this space. I am also and very importantly committed to being grateful and positive. I know as a coach, as a clairvoyant, as a working psychic that our mind rules. The quiet here is the manifestation of my determination having taken a brutal beating over the past five months. Feeling sick, sucks. Mooning and whining about how sick you feel, sucks too. Not being able to make plans more than a few days in advance – sucks big time.

So… the time has come. To take charge and count the blessings amid the suck. Cuz, the suck won’t be changing anytime soon. I fear it may be my new normal, if that’s the case the only thing to do is make the suck my bitch. Here in not particular order are some of the many things I’m grateful for at this moment:

Friends: I had productive, affirming conversations with two friends today – both named Nicole. I cherish them, especially as the suck causes other friends to retreat and pull away. I understand – no one likes a whiner. But, when you have friends who stick by you  (and even make you laugh) love them. I’m even luckier because I have a few more than the two Nicoles… seriously I now know who I can truly count on.

Great Book: It’s been a while since I read a book simply for the joy of reading a great book. I’m halfway through Being Christian by Rowan Williams. It’s simple – but not simplistic – and beautifully written. That’s all I’ll say for now, as this deserves it’s own post.

Amazing Doctors: I’m thankful I’m not facing the suck alone. After a few false starts I’ve got a great team assembled. If you need an ENT, a Dentist, an Endodontist or an Internist – email me. I’ll share the best of the best. Oh… and they are all very happy & willing to work with each other. At first I was freaked out when they all scratched their heads and said “Hhmm I have no idea…” really not what you want to hear your doctor say.

Prince Charming: Really too many reasons to list without making you all jealous. So I’ll simply say I’m grateful for him every single day. And, I try to show it – especially to him.

I’m warm and snug tonight: Yeah. It’s 18 degrees outside and the temperature is set to plummet to 12 degrees overnight. I’m sitting on a comfy couch, in plush, fuzzy socks, a chenille sweater and a fleece throw. Oh, and a hot cup of tea. All creature comforts I take for granted – but – shouldn’t. None of us who have warm homes, should. So, I won’t. I’ll acknowledge how thankful I am.