Way back when I worked a corporate gig our chief would start hounding us for a 'year in review' months before the year actually ended. This became an elaborate report and presentation and ever since the phrase 'year in review' makes me itchy. So, why am I writing a review of 2015?

Because it was the year of too much. As I rounded the corner from Thanksgiving into December I was counting down the days until January 1st. Until I could be done with what may have been the absolute worst year and start the new book of 2016 fresh.

All I could think of were the ER visits,  the endless rounds of antibiotics as we chased infections. Too, too many of my peers were diagnosed with big, scary illnesses and every time the coach in me hung up the phone, thankful I could be of service -  the friend in me cried. I buried  friends. I buried friendships that no longer served. There were countless 'procedures'  and endless hours in medical waiting rooms. Too many hours I could have been doing something more productive, more fun.

Then there was an afternoon in December when I lost all composure at a prestigious NYC hospital and ended up getting everyone in the radiology waiting room free parking.To be fair I was seen 2 and a half hours after my appointment time and others waited even longer. The blase attitude of the staff pushed all my buttons. I will admit the parking refund of $27 an hour (plus tax) earned me many, many smiles from complete strangers. But, it was all too much.  I'm a coach, but, I'm human, too and no matter how Zen we are, sometimes we snap.

That day, after I snapped, I sat in traffic on the Henry Hudson and in an effort to get myself under control I forced the good memories to come forward. How many good ones were there? Well, at first only one or two... but that was enough. And, that's why I'm writing this post. Because If I don't force myself to recall the trips to Sesame Place and Crayola Experience, if I don't remember the days on the beach and the perfectly sublime days at the Children's Zoo I will erase an entire year of my life. I will erase eating ice cream on the boardwalk, a first Fundraiser Walk for St. Jude's. I'll erase the afternoons at the Ocean and the silly mornings chasing bubbles in the park. I'll erase that first day of school (ever), the trip to Rockerfeller Center and the wonder at seeing the Rockette's dance. That's when it dawned on me, I can't keep the goodies without recalling the things I wish I could forget. It's all intertwined.

In the end we all hope the New Year is a Good Year. A year with more joy, more laughter, more vacations and more ice cream - but - we can't deny how the other memories we'd prefer to forget shaped us, either.

So, let's not forget. Let's remember it all and greet 2016 with a smile. Where ever you are and how ever you welcome January 1st I hope the New Year is kind to you and those you love.