Thankful Thursday: A Moment to Ponder

Little. Big. Small. Large. Trivial. Monumental. 

Who decides which is what and what is which? 

We've all read the pithy online quotes about noticing the little things because one day we'll know they were the big things. I agree with the sentiment in the roles of my life and admit in all candor I find it to be true. What I have been pondering, unpacking and mulling is this: why the labels? 

Little. Big. Small. Large. Trivial. Monumental.  We hashtag our lives: #littlethings #bigthings #sorrynotsorry and than scratch our heads and navel gaze over the prevailing havoc caused by labels. In my formative years we were cautioned to "label jars not people." 

A couple decades upstream and it feels like we label everything, weighing the impact on the spot, rather than allowing our souls a moment to tune in, enjoy, marinate and reclaim the moment in a way that is meaningful to us. Is this IG worthy? Or would it make a better Facebook post? Take a selfie so everyone knows you were there? Does sharing the large make us braggarts? Does sharing only the small make us humble? 

What matters to you? What matters now? What will matter in five years, fifteen years? That's within our power to decide, for ourselves, moment by moment. Today be thankful for what rocks your world - large or small, monumental or trivial. Share it far and wide or play it close and near. It's your choice.