A Note About Quotes

Last weekend I found myself in a decidedly rare and wonderful situation. I was shopping, alone.

Free to wander the photo frame aisle of HomeGoods at my leisure I noticed the vastly expanded 'quotes' selections. Printed on pretty paper, painted on wood panels  - all were intriging  - and one was tremendously irritating. This quote makes be bristle and roll my eyes every time i read it. 

Do what you love and the money will follow.

I checked the urge to whip out my lipstick and write: No! Just do what you love! Seriously for the love of all that is holy Just Do What You Love

Do it for You. Do it because it makes you happy. Do it because it makes other people smile - Nike, forgive me, JUST DO IT whatever IT may be. 

Why does this make me ragey?

It's vague, it's nebulous and the implication of "... and the money will follow." is that if you haven'f found a way to support yourself and your family by creative, soul affirming means you're a loser. The further implication is that you're morally corrupt if you work at a job for the money, the benefits - or both. 

First of all not every person 'loves' something they can easily monetize.  Secondly, in order to monetize your 'love' it will become the focus of a business plan. There will be the need for things you may never 'love' to invade that space: incorporating, marketing, pricing, securing materials and selling. 

Secondly consider all of the reasons you might not benefit from turning your passion into your job in the first place. You will keep your creative outlet pristine and joy filled and shelter it from becoming an obligation. You will insulate your passions from becoming nerve wracking, spine chilling insomnia agents. Trust me, when your rent payment depends on how many hair bows or necklaces you sell in a given week you will have nights were you lay awake and fret; frantically thinking of ways to sell more, market broader and cut your costs so that you earn just a 'little bit more' from each sale. 

Finally, and this is important so please listen closely: no one else gets to decide what makes you happy. Not your spouse. Not your BFF. Not your Mom. 

YOU decide what makes YOU happy. 

There is no shame in working for a living. There is no shame in having a hobby that makes you smile - and there is no reason under Heaven or on Earth they have to be one in the same. 

Be YOU on your OWN terms.