Solstice to Solstice Action Plan

If you have an internet connection, no doubt, you're aware the Summer Solstice on June 20th coincides with the Full Strawberry Moon. This is truly a once-upon-your-lifetime event. 

Strawberry Picking - June 2015 - aka the day I nearly melted. 

Strawberry Picking - June 2015 - aka the day I nearly melted. 

In North America we mark Summer Solstice as the true beginning of summer (no offense Memorial Day) as defined by the moment the Sun stands in the Northern most point as seen from Earth in our Hemisphere. In New York we'll have just over 15 hours of glorious sunlight on Monday - the longest day of our year. 

Why is this called the Strawberry Moon? Good question! Native Americans measured time by the moon's cycles and mid-June is prime strawberry harvest time... airgo the name Strawberry Moon. Is it me, or does that just add some poetry and a whole lot of sweetness. 

I've spent a bit of time considering how I'd like to mark this day, this rare once upon a time event. I wanted something more than setting intention(s) this year - though - I will do that, too. I want to move from thought to action more rapidly these days and come up with a Solstice to Solstice Daily Kindness Action Plan. 

Simply put every day from Summer Solstice (June 20th) to Winter Solstice (December 21) I will commit one, random kind act. That's it! Nothing fancy, nothing contrived, no elaborate measurements or charts - just one simple act that I'll note in my daily journal entry. No limits on repeat actions (pop a quarter in an expired parking meter, allow someone with one or two items ahead of me on a checkout line) just honest to goodness kindness. I'll update in this space from time to time and hold myself more frequently accountable on facebook and instagram. 

Who's with me? #solsticekindess2016