A Baker's Dozen


It's a season that demands you sit up and take notice of its arrival. A season the beckons and seduces: the beach, the shore (yes, they are different), the pool, fireworks, concerts, cookouts, family, friends and flip flops. I don't care who you are, where you live, where you work or what gender you identify as... Summer is Magical. 

To celebrate that Magic I bring you My Summer Lucky Thirteen* - yep, it's Baker's Dozen!  

Family Lucky Thirteen

  1. Amusement Park
  2. Aquarium 
  3. Fireworks
  4. Mini Golf
  5. Museum 
  6. Outdoor Concert
  7. Outdoor Performance
  8. Playground!
  9. Take a Walk Under The Full Moon
  10. Visit a Farm and Pick Our Own Berries
  11. Watch the Sunset
  12. Whole Foods 
  13. (New) Zoo 

Lucky #12 seems to beg for some clarification. 

I don't mean we'll visit Whole Foods, I mean we'll be eliminating processed foods when eating at home - with all the lush, local fruits and veggies surrounding us this is the perfect season. Yes, that's an ambitious one, and if you're looking to call me out given that our list also includes places and spaces known for processed foods at concessions... your point is valid and well taken. We are still 'of this plane of existence' and as such will eat outside our home; both out of necessity and because we enjoy it. 

We are aiming to achieve and maintain an overall 85/15 ratio. How will we get there? By eating whole foods only when eating at home, where food selection and preparation are entirely in our control. Yes, I'll be bringing snacks along on trips. When we are outside the home we'll be partaking in all sorts of goodies: soft serve ice cream, Italian ices, funnel cakes. The plan isn't about perfection. The plan is about mindful choices and enjoying indulgences with a clear, sound mind. 

*Nope, it's not a bucket list Prince Charming despises that term so... we've rebranded.