Pumpkin Spice is Neither Good Nor Bad...Discuss

While I typically do my deep thinking blogging on Monday morning this week it was interrupted. 

Said interruption included a trip to the shore that culminated in a visit to a new (to us) outlet mall. On our way to Hannah Andersson we passed Lindt Chocolates and their ad for pumpkin spice truffles. I myself have fallen out of love with PS wondered, out loud, why?

I really don't care what flavor you like your truffles. *Pumpkin spice rocks your world? Enjoy! 

It's the connotation of Pumpkin Spice that tweaks me. It's the notion that we need to start pushing pumpkin spice chocolates and lattes in early August when it's 92 degrees and fall is a long, long way off.  Here I am making a pit stop at an outlet mall on the Garden State Parkway before lunch on the beach and the PS is taunting me. Anyway, back to the important part of the narrative, we were going to the beach. Because it is summer, not fall. We were off to play in the waves and laugh and eat lemon ice - because - it's August and that's what we do in August when we are  down the shore. That and enjoy New Jersey's no sales tax on clothing policy. 

So, I snapped up some pants, a couple of rash guards (currently too big but won't be next year) and we bounced. Still, I was wrestling with rushing seasons and found myself explaining (outlaid, yes*) nothing is inherently good or bad - everything just is. Pumpkin spice lattes are a prime example of 'just is'. If you like them, great drink up. If not, order your coffee how you like it and enjoy!

*At the risk of having my blogger card revoked, I am going to flatly state I'm not a fan of Pumpkin Spice. This extends to lattes, chocolate, flavored coffee, and what ever other concoction the FDA allows to pass muster. Now before I get evicted from the second most popular Halloween location in the US of A let me also say I love pumpkin bread. Pumpkin muffins and I make a mean pumpkin pound cake... with fresh pumpkin! Let me also say I talk out loud when I'm processing. It's what I do and to quote my Grandmother it's merely "an enlightening conversation with a wise person."