Thankful Thursday: My Tribe?

I despise the phrase "My Tribe." While I don't despise it quite as much as I loathe the phrase "My People" or the rage inducing "Give It Up For..." the phrase makes my skin crawl. 

That phrase was brought up for discussion during a wonderful dinner last night. 

I am, immensely, truly, tremendously grateful for the four people who sat around the table with me last night. I shared a meal with four humans so fantastic, so important last night they transcend categories "Friend... Family... Colleague... Peer... Sister... Brother... Love" I mean - I can't rightfully describe how more than three hours eating, drinking, laughing, joking, ghost hunting past in a blink and left us all sad when it was time to go. 

This group. Gads This Group... I love them. And today despite being at a loss for words I am grateful for them. Each and every one of them, even the one who insists we are a Tribe.