It's Still a Thrill

Call me a geek. Or a nerd. The thrill is still there. And, when I see an article I've written published I'm both a geek and a nerd because the thrill is huge. I mean, I even call my mom. 

One of the most personal essays I've ever written and shared is in the October issue of Inner Realm Magazine (page 32). I'm thrilled and a little nervous. I mean, I'm laying my soul bare and offering the truth: this entrepreneur life isn't for the faint of heart. It's messy and nerve-wracking and when it all comes together super sweet. 

Back in August I had a wake up call that brought forth the need of a new plan. And, I decided to share the nuts and bolts of the plan in my Moon Tide workshop. You give me two hours on October 28th and I'll give you the master blueprint to manifesting the life you only dare to dream. I will teach you how to harmonize with La Luna and Il Mare. Too often we work opposed to natural forces which surround us, but, when we surrender, when we trust and when we work with the manifestation is truly a joy. A fluid dance - so like the tides - powerful, rhythmic, seductive and - reliable. 


To join me on October 28th please email Cost of the workshop is $45 pre-paid (you save $10) or hold your space with a $15 deposit ($40 due at class).