Mindful Monday: Your Morning Brew

Coffee or tea? Which is your morning brew?  

Mine is coffee. Nothing against a cuppa tea- but this girl prefers a nice strong cup to start her day. And, my morning brew is one of those places where I walk my talk. It’s my daily moment to gather my thoughts and my plan for the day ~ mindful of the energy the ingredients bring to the party.


Coffee. Yes, of course your humble am jolt of caffeine brings energy! But if you think that energy stops at the caffeine content you’re missing out. Coffee has long been prized for its ability to disperse negative thoughts, aid overcoming internal blockages while providing peace of mind and grounding. So, you want to know how to rev that up some?

Add some cinnamon. I personally just sprinkle some into the coffee grounds before setting the pot to brew. It adds a sweet, spicy smell and brings some energy for protection, luck and success. Sit back and enjoy that nice morning coffee smell while you take a few deep breaths, get your blood flowing or as I do – take a nice quiet moment to collect your thoughts.

Once the coffee is brewed just pour into your preferred vessel, dress it up as you wish and enjoy. I, myself, have a collection of mugs and add a splash of cream. While enjoying my brew, I contemplate affirmations and review my bullet journal. It’s a simple, effective and a fun way to begin a day. 

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