Mindful Monday: Archetypes, Buzzwords and Being Outside My Comfort Zone

Empower. Self-Care. Momma Bear. Diva. Warrior. Authentic. Balance. Hustle. Pop. Deep Dive. Princess. Forward thinking. Engaged. Sorry not Sorry. Triggered. Own it. Epic. 

Do a quick search on your topic and I'm pretty sure you'll come across at least two (or ten) of those phrases. What do they all have in common, besides overuse and grammatical error? They are the modern call to Archetypes. 

Yes, Archetypes. The symbols of literature, art and myth which offer insightful touchstones for reflection and growth. They key to our unconsciously forged patterns ~ understand your Archetypes and You can begin to affect deep and lasting change. The type of profound changes you've doubtlessly been promised if you get in touch with your Inner Diva, Empower her and take her on a Deep Dive quest to learn your Authentic Truth.

See what I mean about buzzwords? You lost a little bit of interest as you read that last sentence, didn't you? Don't fret - I lost interest while I was composing it. 

Here is My Truth, I practice what I preach. My first step in putting together a workshop is to review old journals and remember what I did the last time I was in a predicament. The circumstances are similar but I'm not exactly the same person I was at that time, so I review and renew crafting what works for the me I am right now. 

Through trial, error and copious note taking I work out the kinks and remaster the content. I revise, renew and refresh. Sometimes, I even call a friend and ask if they are willing to beta test a new version. 

What I have never done before is share my journey. This time around I have decided to share the process, in this space, through weekly updates. I am in the process of rebranding my business and growing into my role as MomPreneur. It's a tough gig and every day I talk to more and more Woman who are in similar space. Carving out a career while jugging the demands of hearth and home. Woman who are enslaved by the corportate overlord and want to shift focusto bring more passion into their personal and professional lifes. So, where ever you are on your journey, I hope that this leap (and it’s a HUGE leap) outside my comfort zone is helpful guide.

Blessings & Peace