Thankful Thursday: Manners Matter

Continuing with my manifestation journey, I was moved this morning to share one of the big lessons I learned ~ and continue to see the value of ~ manners. 

Often when we are in need of something we are antsy and perhaps even a bit anxious. We might feel unsettled, nervous, downright scared. When we are caught up in these absolutely valid human emotions we can be demanding and impatient. 

So, we've all been there and done that, right? Right? Not just me, right? Maybe one day I'll host a whine and cheese night and we can compare t-shirt collections. 

I can clearly remember one day eight summers ago when I called out sick, packed up and went to the beach, solo. I was sad and defeated - nothing in my life was going right - and no prayers were being answered. At first, I prayed harder. I said more affirmations. I waited ten minutes and nothing changed  so I asked and prayed and affirmed again. This cycle was going on for weeks and I kept saying 'this time with more feeling!' Expect it wasn't feeling, really. I was throwing tantrums on a near daily basis and I'm telling you it wasn't pretty. 

So, I packed up headed north to the beach. Nope, didn't go south to the family beach house ~ I answered my Soul's call for solitude and the sea. At some polnt a thought crossed my mind. Whining, demanding and tantrums typically don't get toddlers what they want and they sure as heck don't get adults what they want either. So, I sat with my thoughts and really checked in with what I wanted. At that moment, I was exhausted and thirsty. This is making me laugh because I remember it so clearly, I was hot and thirsty and an iced latte just sounded divine. So, I packed up, walked to my car and as I passed an ice cream truck I noticed the 'ice cold water' sign. I passed over my dollar and guzzled a Poland Spring. I said a silent thank you since I was no longer dying of thirst and bought a second bottle for the road. On a whim, I decided to call my favorite local B&B: why go home? No one and nothing was there? Against all logic they had a room and I drove over wondering out loud if my Guides or Guardian Angels might be around and if they were, would they help me out of the awful mess I was in? BIG awful mess and as I parked I asked for a 'sign' if there was still anyone listening ~ "just a small sign, please?" 

While I was checking in and chatting with the gal at the front desk another gal popped round the corner from the sitting room and said "we just got a new espresso machine ~ would you like to try a latte? Or a cappuccino?" I just stood there mute like she'd hit me with a brick and to this day, I feel oddly sad and wonderful about what happened next. She sort of stammered that she was just learning to use this new machine and I'm there hot and sweaty in beat up flip fops trying not to cry and nodding my head and she muttered "... how about Iced you look hot?..." Yeah, Iced Latte (free and far more tasty than I'd built it up in my imagination) and thankfully I was in a town where people talk to their Guardian Angels and ask for signs.  When, I finally could speak both of those Earth Angels were just as happy as I that I had I'd gotten my sign. 

What changed? What brought it about? ME. I remembered to say "please and thank you" just like my Momma taught me. Try it the next time you're praying or manifesting or wishing on a falling star. Please. Thank you. It adds a boost of power and joy to the process.