Thankful Thursday: Manifesto

In 2010 I, like many of my colleagues was struggling, mightily. No one on our team (or our counter part team) was even remotely fulfilled. The team leader in the UK sent what I later learned what the Holstee Manifesto around by email.

I was captivated by the first line: "This is your LIFE. Do what you love and do it often." I fiddled with the format so it fit on letter sized paper and hit print. 

I hung it opposite my desk - funny thing, no one else could see it, unless they were in my chair. I should have stayed late that night, in those days we were all 'fighting' for our jobs. If you weren't staying late and arriving early (preferably both) you were seen as a blight. I learned to hate the phrase "re-orginization" or "re-org" as we called in in short order. It was brutal. I left as close to on time as I ever did that night.  

I thought about that phrase "do what you love and do it often" while I was at the gym, running in place on a treadmill. I thought about it on the forty minute train ride home. I thought about it in the shower, while I fed the chinchillas and finally when I sat down to revamp my resume. 

My Life. 

The third line of the Holster Manifesto is "IF YOU DON'T LIKE YOUR JOB, QUIT." I revised my resume that night and began job hunting in earnest. Within a week I was looking into what it would take to become a coach (and to hire a coach of my own). I was on my way. I wasn't entirely sure where I was headed but I knew I was in the right direction. 

Sitting behind that desk, reading the manifesto over and over and over was a unique comfort ~ I was touched by the words and took them to heart. I don't know if I'd say the manifesto was magic ~ but ~ there was times reading it inspired the actions that led to things which were, magical. Like the night in October when I kept rationalizing bailing on a blind date. I sat at my desk, email open, ready to cancel when this kernel of wisdom caught my eye: "Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them so go out and start creating." 

Just a bit more than two years later I left that office to begin my maternity leave. The dreaded 're-org' still loomed large. I knew I was never coming back, so I took the manifesto and tucked it under my friend's keyboard. She had noticed it a few times, and always chuckled reading it. 

Next week I'll blow out birthday candles ~ a year from now I'll blow out milestone birthday candles.  I'm feeling the urge to create again. The urge to move, to dance to shift. To celebrate I ordered a new copy of the manifesto ~ even though I know every word ~ to hang in my new office. My partner is a wicked cool guy I met on a blind date one night in October...

*This post is in no way, shape or form sponsored. If you want your own copy of the Holstee Manifesto you can find it here.