Being REAL Doesn't Make Being Nasty Acceptable

The alternate title for this post is "When you can't say anything nice, keep your damn mouth shut".  

It seems to me there is a lot of truth telling (and yelling) going on these days. Everyone is in a great big rush to 'tell the truth' 'speak their truth' and generally make sure their opinion is heard. All of this is fine - provided it is done in a civil, considerate way. 

Lately, I have witnessed a whole lot of nasty, ugly, snide, snarky, condescending 'truth telling' and, it puts me in mind of my Mother and Marty Crane. My Mother (sage woman she is) always said "If you can't say something nice, be quiet. If you feel you have to say something that isn't nice: reconsider." Marty Crane, fictional sage, would say "Shut your Yap" or perhaps "Shut your big bazoo." Listen to my Mom or to Marty but for the love of all that is holy... zip it. 

At this moment in time the very last thing the world needs is your nasty, uncalled for, typically unsolicited advice masquerading under a thin veneer of 'truth.'

You may think you're a wild, fierce warrior ~ You are not. 

You may think you're woke - You are not. 

I offer this challenge - if You're all that and right, too why not speak with compassion, kindness and calm? 

I offer this additional challenge - say nothing offer an olive branch and simply smile; then walk away. 

I'm going to offer a third challenge - If you can't say it nicely shut your yap and keep walking. 

Be a port of kindness, even if you turn the air blue muttering WTF over and over from the quiet of your own car. Be kind. It's in dangerously short supply and it take a very big, very aware, very courageous wild warrior to offer kindness.