Happy Nearly New Year

And since it’s been nearly a year since I’ve written a year, I’ll also say “Wowza! What a year it’s been!”

I’m not one for empty promises, you all know that by now. I’m not one for platitudes or outrageous promises or as the great Col. Potter would say ‘Horse Hockey!’ Nope. I’m going to give it to you straight. No chaser - just chug it and and let’s rock on.

2018 was eventful for everyone, on a micro and macro scales.

Personally, I kept my family and myself alive for another 12 months (Hail & Ho!), stayed true to the promise I made myself this time last year to whip my own arse into shape and completed my first half-marathon in over 6 years in November. I expanded my photography business and my intuitive tarot business grew by leaps and bounds; all other businesses stayed true on course and I’m looking forward to Girlbossing like there’s no tomorrow in 2019! And shedding the last of the baby weight ~ stellar since the baby isn’t a baby anymore. And lacing up for at least one more half. Exciting things are coming so please stay tuned here and on the social sites. I’ll drop a line here more often, too. 8-)