Treasure Maps are Vision Boards with Ooomph

Vision boards?

Treasure maps?

What’s the difference besides semantics?

Well, technically, not much. Both feature images, mementos and ephemera personal to you, which evoke deep feelings, and manifest your deepest desires through visualization.

You can use a cork / pin board or poster board; glue or tape work well. Images, inspirational quotes, and mementos - anything that brings up happy memories or inspires an ‘up’ feeling has a place on your board. If it motivates you, it deserves a place on your board. If it makes you smile - add it. If it motivates you to get your arse in gear - add it!

Now, you might have noticed I teach multiple Treasure Mapping Workshops during the year: Prosperity, Love and Building Your Business (aka GirlBoss Your Life) and this might cause you to question if multiple maps / boards dedicated to specific topics work better? Or, if you can make one all-encompassing board for all the life areas you want to ramp up?

That - like so much else - is up to you. I will say smaller dedicated maps / boards work best when linked together and I will show you how to link them during the workshop.

Also, during the workshop, we’ll meditate on your heart’s desire to infuse your energy into your map, activating it to act as a homing beacon for manifestation. And, I’ll teach you how to keep the map - and you - charged (and re-charged) when life gets you down!

Is this class only for those seeking new love?

NOPE! Not at All! Come join us if you’re searching for Mr. or Ms. Right. Come out to play if you’ve married 5 months and want to keep those hot newlywed fires burning or married 5 years and want to fan that spark into a bonfire. I’ll help each participant craft a custom map and custom meditation to fit their needs.

I’m offering a Love Manifestation Treasure Mapping Workshop at Soul Journey in Butler, NJ on June 18th at 7pm. The investment in self is $35 and you can call the shop at 973.838.6564 or visit to register online.