Mindful Monday: Archetypes, Buzzwords and Being Outside My Comfort Zone

Empower. Self-Care. Momma Bear. Diva. Warrior. Authentic. Balance. Hustle. Pop. Deep Dive. Princess. Forward thinking. Engaged. Sorry not Sorry. Triggered. Own it. Epic. 

Do a quick search on your topic and I'm pretty sure you'll come across at least two (or ten) of those phrases. What do they all have in common, besides overuse and grammatical error? They are the modern call to Archetypes. 

Yes, Archetypes. The symbols of literature, art and myth which offer insightful touchstones for reflection and growth. They key to our unconsciously forged patterns ~ understand your Archetypes and You can begin to affect deep and lasting change. The type of profound changes you've doubtlessly been promised if you get in touch with your Inner Diva, Empower her and take her on a Deep Dive quest to learn your Authentic Truth.

See what I mean about buzzwords? You lost a little bit of interest as you read that last sentence, didn't you? Don't fret - I lost interest while I was composing it. 

Here is My Truth, I practice what I preach. My first step in putting together a workshop is to review old journals and remember what I did the last time I was in a predicament. The circumstances are similar but I'm not exactly the same person I was at that time, so I review and renew crafting what works for the me I am right now. 

Through trial, error and copious note taking I work out the kinks and remaster the content. I revise, renew and refresh. Sometimes, I even call a friend and ask if they are willing to beta test a new version. 

What I have never done before is share my journey. This time around I have decided to share the process, in this space, through weekly updates. I am in the process of rebranding my business and growing into my role as MomPreneur. It's a tough gig and every day I talk to more and more Woman who are in similar space. Carving out a career while jugging the demands of hearth and home. Woman who are enslaved by the corportate overlord and want to shift focusto bring more passion into their personal and professional lifes. So, where ever you are on your journey, I hope that this leap (and it’s a HUGE leap) outside my comfort zone is helpful guide.

Blessings & Peace







This is what I DO know

I consider myself an expert of very little (maybe tarot) and a student of everything. This isn't a hardship; I LIKE to study. Always have... I'm a deep dive kind of person, if it holds my interest I must know everything. I read and research obsessively, which causes other people to consider me an 'expert' even when I don't feel like one. 

Now, that first paragraph is me building up to saying I'm just as confused about what's going on in the world as the rest of you. Seriously. WTF is going on? Now, please don't confuse that statement with thinking I'm Anti-Trump or Pro-Hillary or Pro-Trump or Anti-Hillary. I'm not. Nor do I wish for this post to focus on Presidential Politics. I don't. There are plenty of personal spaces where folks are writing about that topic. Go read their posts and click away. 

This is a personal essay. On my personal website. So, in the immortal words of the Finding Nemo Seagulls this is "Mine!Mine!Mine!Mine!Mine!Mine!Mine!Mine!Mine!Mine!Mine!."

And what's mine to share is this. Today is Wednesday, February 22, put another way today is 2.22. I already admitted I consider myself to be an expert in tarot so I'm sure you'll hang with me when I tell you the symbolism of the number 2: service and duty, diplomacy, balance, harmony, cooperation, consideration. So just for today - and let's face it - today is all any of us has anyway let's live those ideals. 

Let's live in service to our fellow man. Let's cooperate with each other. Let's be nice regardless of race, creed or how someone smells. Not sure how to do that? Here's a start: try holding the door open for the person behind you, smile at them. If someone holds a door open for you - say 'thank you.' Say 'please' when you're ordering coffee or lunch or grown up drinks after work.

I'm not joking.  I'm not being trite and anyone whose been in my company for more than 3 minutes knows I'm not a Pollyanna Sunshine. 

I'm a mostly ordinary woman. I'm a humble law abiding person who believes deeply in personal responsibility and accountability. I've picked myself up and dusted me off more times than I can count. Just me and my bootstraps. I'm not bitter for that, I'm grateful. know why? Because I know I know how and when you do for you - you hold the secret of the universe. 

I'm an honest lady so I'll say it's not always easy. It's not always fun. It is always worthwhile. It is always rewarding. It is immeasurably liberating. So... do it. 

Start small. Start with yourself and stop the gross displays of apathy and lack, bitterness and hate. Today when you're scrolling through posts on FB or Insta or Snap... check the urge to leave a bitchy comment. Better yet, log off your social accounts and be social in real life. Stop debating who won the election, stop complaining, stop whining, stop analyzing where the stars are.

Just. Stop. Breathe. 

Live well. Live happy. Live possibly. Do a kind deed. Count your blessings. Be thankful for what you have instead of coveting your neighbor's goods. Hang up the phone when you're on the checkout line instead of treating the cashier like an invisible minion present to do your bidding. 

It will make a difference. A big difference to you and to everyone you meet, even when you don't think it matters to them. Those actions will ripple out and impact more people than you can imagine - and it's a concrete, actual, factual good deed. 

Be nice. Do your best. Always. 

Polly and Petunia


I judge myself, like too many other women. I judge me harshly and often. The gremlin voice in my mind demands perfection. Her nickname is Polly and she can be a real bitch. Her frenimy is the gremlin voice in my head that promotes procrastination as a way to escape Polly's rants. Petunia means well, but, she messes with my ability to get things done. These chicks put me in a tough spot. 

As any regular reader knows my creative outlet is photography and the passion project that keeps me sane is Laughing Goddess Photography Heck, even in my worst days of writer's block (blog, er, what blog?) you could count on me to rally for Photo Finish Friday and the occasional Wordless Wednesday. Plus, there was the joy of instagram! Ah, the pure unadulterated bliss of sharing a neat picture. That moment when your eye catches something cool so you snapped it. 

And so I entered a world of photos. The joy of seeing what others saw that piqued their fancy and brought them a smile. Then I began to notice how perfect those photos looked. The spotlessly clean, bright white kitchens. The endless supply of flowers arranged 'just so' next to the teapot and cup (with saucer) on a precious tray. Gads these trays were everyplace. Perched on ottomans in gray walled living rooms, flanked by mountains of pillows on fluffy white duvet covers.  I was  (still am) mesmerized by the voyeristic moments peeking into a veritable stranger's home. I swooned with the best of them over the expanses of white marble countertops only to learnwhite quartz can 'look marble.' 

Suddenly, the happy gleam I saw in the donkey's eye at the petting zoo seemed dull. The rosy apples and charming racks of jams and spices were... drab. I started to photoshop ~ a lot ~ in an effort to produce the coveted, curated IG Feed. I mean, I spent more time and energy on snapshots than I did on client photos. My philosophic mantra of The World As I See It was compromised. The world, once riddled with moments of common beauty lost it's luster and I listened to Petunia as she suggested " We keep the camera holstered. Don't want to wake Polly."

The turning of the new year brought a time of reflection which in turn demanded nagging of this neglected space nagged be addressed. As I set about the clutter clearing rituals for a new year (and getting the paperwork from the year past in line for the tax man) I was realized I was no longer living for me or the moment. I had pumped the brakes ~ hard ~ and stalled. 

That's what these photos are ~ my way to capture the moment. They aren't perfect: some are blurry in the wrong places, some are grainy, maybe the light was wrong. Yet, something about that subject, that moment drove the impulse to focus, aim and snap the shutter. Those somethings are the somethings. The moments of joy, of sadness, silly faces, strutting peacocks being chased by children. Moments worth memorializing so long after the day is past they can spark the memory of that day.

That day the weather was perfect and we played in the surf and ate lemon ices.

That day the chickens staunchly defended their lunch plates from the pigeons and we laughed riding camels. 

It's the second to last Monday in January and I'm knee deep in Manifesto Making; less sure about somethings than I was when I began. What do I know?

I am The Laughing Goddess. Perfection be damned I'll be Disturbing the IG Universe one perfectly imperfect moment at a time all year. Join me if you dare!? 


Thoughts of a Thursday

 Smile more ~ a lot more
Say goodbye to negative people 
Transform negative thoughts
Say thank you ~ in writing
Write more ~ a lot more
Make memories 
Remember 'Me' 
Create joyful memories 
Appreciate all the little things  

HAGRID. Yes, That Hagrid

My word for 2017 has found me. 

For a few days this week I thought my word was 'Yes.' A straightforward, honest reminder to be positive, patient, to dislodge my default to 'no.'  It felt a little forced, a little tight, but, no other word stepped into place. Until now. While sorting though photos late this afternoon I settled on a quote pinned to the board above my desk. 

What's comin' will come, an we'll meet it when it does. ~ Hagrid

Hagrid's famous quote in reply to Harry questioning the return of Voldemort. Hagrid, with his Yogi Berra-esq wit and wisdom; plain spoken, big hearted, ham handed... but always the best of intentions. Hagrid telling Harry live in this moment, live today... tomorrow, well, we will deal with tomorrow then... not now. 

It's an important reminder to me.

Be in this moment. Live this moment. Don't judge, don't fret. Deal with what you've got on hand now, not what you're imagining might come later. 


Welcome 2017.