Trying Coaching on for Size

You value yourself and think coaching might be right for you, yet, you wonder what is a coaching session really like? 

That question is totally understandable! Let's be real with each other from the get go: I try jeans on before I buy them, too. I have two options to 'try on' coaching, let me know which fits you best and let's book a date.

Try on Tuesday: I offer complimentary sessions on Tuesday mornings. We'll talk about how coaching can help you find your purpose and ignite your passion. We'll explore the energy you carry and how to rev it up. I'll coach you around an issue or experience so you can try it on for size. 

On the air: Ready to live fearlessly? No better way then to jump in and be coached live on my bi-weekly radio show. 

Let's get your fitting room session in the books. Drop me a line