Working with a Professional Life Coach is investing in YOURSELF.  

How do you feel...

Do you feel stuck? And, fed up with feeling stuck?

Maybe you feel overwhelmed trying to decide who you want to be when your kids grow up? How would it feel to ditch the Mommy Guilt (or Daddy Guilt) and live a connected, empowered, wickedly amazing sexy life of their own design. 

Are you feeling depleted and defeated by endless dieting? Trying desperately to break free of yo-yo cycles and embrace a lasting, holistic, healthy lifestyle? If you're thinking about bariatric surgery or feel boggled by thyroid disease - don't give up! There is hope! 

Feeling fed up with the 9 to 5 races and long for the freedom to do your own thing? Maybe you feel called to make a difference in the world -but don't know where to begin? Awesome! I'm honored to assist you in bringing a satisfying, enriching career to your day to day reality. 

I call all of these scenarios 'half-lives.' You're living for the weekend feeling physically ill on Sunday night - because your 'break' is over.   You're wrapped in a black caftan at yet another Fourth of July BBQ wishing away every last moment so you can run back home and hid in the air conditioning - by some miracle before anyone notices you.  You're sitting in the car waiting until the very last possible moment to 'hop out' and pick up your kids from school, from dance class, from yet another activity. They have a great life - and you're playing taxi cab waiting for the day you can reclaim the person you were before parenthood took over every waking moment of your life. 

You're bitter and angry and not sure why. How do you stop snapping, sniping and breaking down? If you can related to any of these scenarios you're living a half-life and coaching can help you disturb that universe and (re)claim your awesome. 

It's understandable if you think this is an impossible dream.

It's understandable if you're feeling selfish considering this opportunity - after all you've got kids, a spouse and a boss to answer to... they own your time. Or do they? 

Lean in close and I’ll tell you a secret! It’s not just possible; it’s probable!  It's about designing your life with yourself as a top priority! 

Let me help you disturb your universe.