The Goddess Within - Saturday, September 16th - 11am                                   Soul Journey, Butler, NJ

Within each woman dwells a Goddess. 

She is brave, compassionate, wise.

She is a healer, a seer, a seductress of the highest order.

She is standing at the ready to help you conquer any and every obstacle that stands between you and the life you long to live. No request is too small; no situation is insurmountable.

Want to meet Her? Want to bring forth Her essence and Her energy into your daily life?Great! She thrills at the prospect of meeting you, too!

On Saturday, September 16th we will embark on a journey to meet your Goddess and establish a vital connection between Her and You. Through a variety of tools including breath, meditation, tarot, oracle and goal seeking You will awaken a force of joy and ignite a fountain of strength and comfort.


Moon Tide Manifestation - Saturday, October 28th - 11 am                             Soul Journey, Butler, NJ

The Moon. That gorgeous glowing orb of silver that controls the tides ~ the salty, sexy, sensational essence of life. Learning to work with not against our moon tides is the key to a life of freedom and fulfillment. 

This workshop brings a multi-faceted approach to creation and manifestation. We will turn our focus to the moon and ocean tide through ritual, affirmation, and meditation. These tools will empower you to bring forth the best version of You. 

Please bring a notebook, favorite pen (or what ever you enjoy writing with) and a small ritual cup or bowl with you. 


Register for both workshops by August 15th and save $20. 

To claim your space, please contact Jennifer (201/463-1889).  Questions are always welcome and never silly!

Workshops are $55 each and prepayment is required.  Once you claim your space, I will share some preliminary questions and breathing exercises to help focus your attention and energy, thereby maximizing your workshop experience.  Please bring a notebook, writing instrument, and a piece of jewelry which makes you feel beautiful to the workshop.  It is also recommended that you wear loose, comfortable clothing.